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Closed Loop Systems

Closed Loop Systems a are a type of system, some times simply referred to as “indirect,” because the sun, through a roof-mounted collector, heats fluid circulating in a closed off solar loop which never comes in direct contact with usable water stored in an insulated tank.


The more you use your EagleSun System, the more energy you save.

EagleSun™ Systems provide all your hot water needs for every season, even on cloudy days, by using clean, renewable solar energy. It is the only household appliance to pay for itself several times during its useful life. EagleSun™ Systems help save the environment as they save you money.
Your energy bills will decline drastically and immediately as you enjoy the comfort of Solar Hot Water every day.


System Features:

  • Attractive Skylight Collector Design
  • 30+ Year Design Life
  • 10 year limited collector warranty
  • Electrical Backup
  • Conforms to all Plumbing, Electrical and Solar Standards.
  • Exceeds Energy Star Criteria and Delivers maximum credit toward Energy Efficiency Compliance









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