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Solar Pool Panels

How it works: EagleSun™ Pool Panels efficiently absorb the sun’s heat and transfers the energy to the swimming pool water that is pumped through them. The system is automatic and can incorporate the existing pump. Your Eagle- Sun™ system is designed to be maintenance free.


Swim Longer

Installing a solar pool heating system will increase, sometimes even double, the amount of time your swimming pool can be comfortably used during the year.



When compared to heating your pool with other methods, solar heating can pay for itself in as little as 3 years.


Environmentally Safe

Solar Pool heaters use solar energy to provide a clean energy alternative to conventional heating sources that pollute the environment.


Maintenance Free

Once the panels are installed, you can relax in your warm pool without any additional maintenance or cost involved.



With up to 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other manufacturer, EagleSun™ Pool Panels keep your pool heated longer and have a longer life expectancy.


Hurricane Tested

EagleSun™ panels can withstand hurricane force winds of 159.6 mph!



EagleSun™ Products are backed by a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure years of enjoyment.


Solar Pool Heating


Pool Heating Systems


Solar Pool Heating Panels


Enjoy Knowing you don’t have to work to heat your pool.
Let the sun work for you.



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